Dear Buyer, Global Store brings sincere thanks for your choice and assumes responsibility for the service during the warranty period of the good.

General provision:

1. The warranty on the products sold by the Global Store company, provides for free repair or replacement with similar ones, according to the legal provisions in force.

2. In order to benefit for warranty you must present the receipt or original invoice and warranty certificate correctly completed.

3. Global Store undertakes to remove component defects during the entire warranty period.

4. The delivery of damaged goods will be made from the customer's account to the authorized technical service of our company, which is located on the address: 28/1 Calea Orheiului street, Chișinău City Republic of Moldova, phone number - 022-800-871.

5. Damaged goods should be presented in the original box with the full set of accessories.


Situations that lead the lossing (cancellation) of warranty:

1. In the case of correction or falsification of the warranty certificate, the impossibility of identifying the model and/or serial number (manufacture) of the product, as well as its loss or procurement document;

2. Damages and defects due of transportation without the proper packaging of the product and its unsuitable handling;

3. Malfunctions caused by improper conditions, by changing the original state, by natural influences, for example: rust, condensation, excess dust or defects caused by rodents and insects;

4. Damages and defects caused by natural calamities (lightning, fire, floods);

5. Failures caused by the buyer in violation of the rules of installation, use and exploitation under inappropriate conditions contrary to recommendations in the instructions for use, or use of products for purposes other than those for which they have been designed;

6. Interventions on products executed by persons not unauthorized by the seller, supplier or manufacturer;

7. Damages caused by non-compliance of the parameters of the power networks, telecommunications and cables with the state standards (for example: voltage fluctuations on the electrical network);

8. Unsealing following the installation of the good sealed by the seller or manufacturer, its absence or deterioration;

9. The warranty does not extend to the consumables (accumulators, batteries, cartridges, thermal paper).